What are the differences between 1300 numbers, 13 numbers and 1800 numbers?

In all the above cases, these numbers provide customers with an easy way contact your business anywhere in Australia, more so when combined with an easy to remember generic domain.

  • 13 EASY for instance, has 4 digits after the prefix. For this type of number its sometimes recommended to keep the phoneword to no more than 8 so as to reduce overdial.
  • 1300 Numbers has 6 digits following the prefix. It’s preferable to keep phonewords to no more than 9 after the prefix. 1300 468 368 translates into a memorable phoneword 1300 INVENT.
  • 1800 Numbers have 6 digits after the prefix as well. It’s also recommended to keep the number at 9 after the prefix when forming a phone word. 1800 284 533 translates into a memorable phoneword 1800 BUILDER.
  • 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers are also useful for the numeric value. In some circumstances, customers prefer easy to remember sequences, such as 1300 40 1300, 1800 22 1800 OR 13 10 10.
  • For information about telco related costs to operate these numbers, please visit 1300numbers.com.au.