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What are the differences between 1300 numbers, 13 numbers and 1800 numbers?

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What are phonewords?

Phone WordsPhonewords” are premium official suppliers of phone words in the telecommunication (smartnumbers®) industry. Term Phonewords is officially recognised and was named. It was introduced into Australia following the release of the appropriate number ranges by the Australian Communications and Media Authority in August 2004. Fact sheet (PDF) available at the Australian Communications and Media Authority website. This was also recorded in the Australian Official Hansard on the 20th, June 2002 on page 2390 “A phoneword is a combination of letters represented by numbers”. You can further read in Wikipedia.

Phone words are made up from the letters of the alphabet that appear on a telephone keypad. These letters can be used to form a word, or a part word/part number combination. Words then be dialed as a telephone number to access a particular service. One example is ’1300 FLIGHT’. Every phoneword has a primary underlying phone number, or in some cases more than one number, used by the telecommunications network as an ‘address’ for delivering the call.

PhoneWordsThe types of numbers that are most commonly used for phonewords include those beginning with the prefixes ’1300′, and ’1800′, which are 10 digits in length, and numbers beginning with ’13′, which are generally six digits in length.

Phonewords in Australia

Phonewords are 131300 or 1800 telephone numbers that makes them more memorable for users. For online enquiry click here.